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Developing the Whole Child

Integrated units of study encourage students to delve deeply into a specific topic or theme, solve real-world problems, and acquire knowledge across multiple disciplines, including reading, writing, science, and social studies. Learning is interconnected and engaging, promoting critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity. Culminating projects are shared and celebrated within the Buckhead Prep community so that families get front-row seats to witness their child's growth and development.

  • Systematic Reading Instruction - Based on Science of Reading (Language Comprehension & Word Recognition)
  • Knowledge Building Curriculum
  • Singapore Dimensions Math

Low student-teacher ratios give children access to individualized instruction. Small group and whole class instruction is also utilized in order to nurture and encourage the essential collaboration and communication skills necessary for each child’s future. With learner agency in mind as the forefront of the learning environment, students are afforded flexible seating, and spaces are arranged for both individual and small group settings.

Reading instruction in all lower school classes is threaded throughout every area of study. Students at Buckhead Prep build a strong reading foundation in grades K-2.  They gain a comprehensive understanding of regular and irregular spelling patterns through a variety of instructional methods. Using small group, whole-class, and one-on-one instruction, teachers meet each child’s individual literacy needs.

In grades 3-5, teachers help students develop critical thinking while reading.  Students are encouraged to explore new genres and discuss their ideas in book clubs.  Book clubs promote teamwork, foster a child’s ability to listen and react, and create a sense of community around books.  Students learn how to analyze nonfiction texts, take notes and research, and determine the authenticity of their sources.

At Buckhead Prep Elementary School, our writing and grammar program is designed to empower students with the essential tools for effective communication. Through a dynamic blend of "Patterns of Power" and "The Writing Revolution" by Hochman and Wexler, we seamlessly instill the art of writing and grammar mechanics into various disciplines and subject areas. Our approach fosters a love for language and equips our students with the skills to articulate their thoughts clearly and precisely.

"Patterns of Power" helps students understand and use grammatical structures in context, enabling them to express their ideas with confidence. It emphasizes learning grammar as a set of patterns that can be applied across various subjects, making it practical and relevant.

"The Writing Revolution" provides a systematic approach to writing that empowers students with the skills to convey their thoughts effectively. This method teaches students to construct clear and coherent sentences, paragraphs, and essays, conveying their ideas precisely and persuasively.

By incorporating these methodologies into all subject areas, from science to social studies, we foster a cohesive approach to education. Our students gain a deep appreciation for language and the ability to communicate effectively, a skill that will serve them throughout their academic journey and beyond. Our program equips students with the language skills necessary for success in their educational pursuits and life, fostering confident, articulate, and well-rounded individuals.


An emphasis is placed on critical thinking skills with a focus on the ‘how’ rather than the ‘what’. Students develop a strong problem solving approach, using concrete and abstract thinking. The Singapore Math curriculum ensures each student is appropriately challenged, reaching beyond perceived potential and constantly evolving in their growth mindset.

Unlock your students’ through our vibrant and engaging art and music program!

Our elementary school's art curriculum encourages self-expression, imagination, and hands-on exploration, fostering a love for the arts. We create a supportive community where young artists inspire and learn from one another. We empower students to chart their own creative journey within the fundamentals of music and art. From painting to performance, we hope to strive a lasting love for the arts, nurturing the development of confident, creative thinkers in the next generation.