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2024 Primary Summer Program

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Note: For our primary summer program, we offer half-day options from 8:00 - 12:00 and full-day options from 8:00 - 2:00. The price for one week, half-day, is $260, and one week, full-day is $357.

Dates and Descriptions

Embark on an exciting cosmic adventure with our primary school’s summer program as we launch into a week-long exploration of outer space! Get ready for an out-of-this-world experience f illed with captivating activities, mesmerizing stories, and hands-on crafts that will spark the curiosity and imagination of our little astronauts. From learning about the planets to creating galaxy-inspired art, our cosmic journey promises a stellar combination of fun and educational exploration. Join us under the summer sun as we reach for the stars and dive into the wonders of outer space!

Get ready to score big and cheer loud at our primary school’s summer program’s exciting week dedicated to all things sports and cheerleading! Little athletes will have a blast exploring various sports, honing their coordination skills, and learning about teamwork in a playful and supportive environment. Our cheerleading activities will inspire spirited cheers, creative chants, and energetic routines, ensuring a week filled with enthusiasm and camaraderie. From mini-games to cheerleading crafts, this week promises a dynamic and engaging experience that celebrates the joy of movement, teamwork, and spirited fun under the summer sun!

Get ready for a barnyard adventure at our primary school’s summer program, where little ones will dive into a week of farm-themed fun! From meeting friendly farm animals to exploring the wonders of planting and harvesting, our campers will experience the charm of rural life. Engaging activities, interactive stories, and hands-on projects will transport our young farmers to a world of tractors, crops, and adorable barnyard friends. It's a week of cultivating curiosity, nurturing a love for nature, and sowing the seeds of learning as we explore life on the farm together!

Ahoy, little adventurers! Get ready to set sail on a magical journey as our primary school’s summer program transforms into a whimsical world of pirates and mermaids. This week is all about discovering hidden treasures, diving into ocean wonders, and unleashing the imagination of our young buccaneers and sea sprites. From crafting pirate hats and mermaid tails to engaging in swashbuckling tales and underwater escapades, our camp promises a thrilling blend of creativity, exploration, and endless summer magic. Join us for a week of nautical excitement, where preschoolers will uncover the mysteries of the deep blue sea and embark on unforgettable pirate and mermaid adventures!

Celebrate the red, white, and blue at our primary school’s summer program, where we'll embark on a special week dedicated to "America the Beautiful"! Little patriots will explore the wonders of our great nation through engaging activities, patriotic crafts, and delightful tales that highlight the diverse landscapes and symbols that make America so special. From creating star-spangled artwork to learning about iconic landmarks, our campers will experience the spirit of unity and pride that makes our country shine. So, grab your mini flags, put on your most festive colors, and join us for a week of fun-filled exploration as we discover the beauty of America together!

Get ready to step back in time as our preschool summer camp transforms into a prehistoric playground for a thrilling week all about dinosaurs! Little paleontologists will embark on an adventure of discovery, exploring the fascinating world of these ancient giants. From dino-digging in sand to creating dino-inspired crafts, our campers will unleash their inner explorers. Engaging stories and exciting activities will transport our young adventurers to a land where dinosaurs once roamed. It's a week full of roars, stomps, and imaginative fun as we dive into the exciting realm of dinosaurs together!

Get ready for a wild and wonderful adventure as our primary school’s summer program transforms into a zoo extravaganza for a week dedicated to studying zoo animals! Little explorers will be immersed in a jungle of fun, learning about fascinating creatures from around the world. From crafting animal masks to engaging in lively animal-themed activities, our campers will discover the beauty and diversity of the animal kingdom. With captivating stories and hands-on projects, our week at the "zoo" promises roars, chirps, and laughter as we explore the wonders of the animal world together! Join us for a zoo-tastic week of learning and play!

Dive into a world of underwater enchantment at our primary school’s summer program, where little adventurers will explore the mysteries of the deep during our "Under the Sea" week! From discovering colorful fish and friendly sea creatures to creating dazzling ocean art, our campers will embark on a journey beneath the waves. Engaging stories and imaginative activities will transport our young oceanographers to a magical underwater realm. With seashells, sand, and plenty of sea-themed fun, this week promises a splash of excitement as we dive deep into the wonders of life "Under the Sea" together! Join us for a fin-tastic adventure of discovery and play!

Cue the spotlight and raise the curtain for a magical week at our primary school’s summer program, where little stars will shine in a celebration of musical theater and fairy tales! From enchanting storytelling to crafting fairy-tale costumes, our campers will immerse themselves in the captivating world of music and magic. Through imaginative play and creative expression, our young performers will bring their favorite fairy-tale characters to life, discovering the joy of musical theater. Get ready for a harmonious blend of song, dance, and theatrical fun as we embark on a week filled with the enchantment of fairy tales and the magic of musical storytelling! Join us for a week where every child is a star on our whimsical stage, and don't miss our grand finale performance on the last day of camp, where our little performers will shine brightly for family and friends!

Gear up for a week of alphabet and number excitement at our primary school’s summer program as we dive into the wonderful world of reviewing ABC's and 123's! Our little learners will engage in fun-filled activities, games, and interactive exercises designed to reinforce their letter and number recognition skills. From playful alphabet adventures to counting quests, our campers will embark on an educational journey that ensures a strong start for the upcoming school year. It's a week of laughter, learning, and pre-school readiness as we enthusiastically review the ABC's and 123's in preparation for an amazing year ahead! Join us for a week of educational fun that will have our campers ready to shine when school starts back!