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  We have designed our Toddler Program for children who are 18 -24 months at the time of matriculation. Children enrolled in the Toddler program need not be fully potty trained. Students acquire an orientation and a structured routine in a school environment, learn to work independently, develop social and language skills, and participate in group activities.

Understanding that our students are individuals, we have developed proven programs that incorporate the flexibility to facilitate the learning attributes of each student. Our dedicated educators will work to stimulate the curiosity of our students in an interactive manner with the mission of making the process fun. We will work consistently to develop and refine the reading, math, and handwriting skills of our students as well as provide an orientation and lessons in art, music, science, history, and citizenship. Ultimately, Buckhead Prep will serve as a platform for our students to flourish and to develop the confidence and skills that will serve them during their subsequent journeys through life.


We conduct daily exercises that develop fine and gross motor skills, receptive and expressive language skills, cognitive abilities, and socialization skills. Throughout these strategic exercises, the children are having fun while learning skills essential for academic and social development. 

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