Each week provides a special opportunity for all children to grow academically and socially through nurturing instruction and guidance provided by Buckhead Prep teachers. Children build core reading, writing/handwriting, and math skills in reflection of and in preparation for their academic journey. They daily explore art, science, music and sports, and enjoy plenty of outdoor play to encourage creative exploration and social development. Children also enjoy weekly live events and guest visits throughout the summer with pony rides, ice pop parties, musical performances, visiting artists and professional sports players, The Science Wiz, Children’s Museum of Atlanta, STEMTree, and much more.



Primary: $2,000 noon Dismissal; $3,000 for 2:15 dismissal 

Elementary: $2,250 noon dismissal; $3,250 for 2:15p.m. dismissal


Primary: $200 per week for 12:00 noon dismissal; $275 for 2:15p.m. dismissal (Prorated for Memorial Day and July 4th)

Elementary: $225 per week for 12:00 noon dismissal; $300 for 2:15p.m. dismissal (Prorated for Memorial Day and July 4th)



Primary: $50 for 12:15 dismissal' $75 for 2:15 dismissal

Elementary: $75 for 12:15 dismissal; $100 for 2:15 dismissal

Please complete the application below to register. Or, you may print the application HERE

and return the completed application to admissions@buckheadprep.com.

For general questions, call the Buckhead Prep Business Office at 404-846-2622.



Please indicate the weeks and/or days your child will attend:

Enrichment: May 23-27 (Primary only)
Art Week (Primary); An Artist’s Life (Elementary): May 31 – June 3
Down on the Farm (Primary); STEM I (Elementary): June 6 - 10
Sports and Cheerleading (Primary & Elementary): June 13 - 17
Music Week (Primary); Theater I (Elementary): June 20 - 24
Water World (Primary); Games Galore (Elementary): June 27-July 1
Stars and Stripes (Primary); Around the World (Elementary): July 5 - 8
Hawaiian Luau (Primary); STEM II (Elementary): July 11 – 15
Sports and Cheerleading (Primary & Elementary): July 18 – 22
Music Week (Primary); Theater II (Elementary): July 25 – 29
Ready,Set, Go! (Primary); Reading & Math Boot Camp (Elementary): August 1–5)
Enrichment: August 8–12
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