Buckhead Prep has a variety of clubs and activities for all ages and interests. Students can learn about teamwork, how to serve the community, explore arts and more. 



Club and Activities

Buckhead Prep has over 20 clubs and activities to choose from. Please click on a club or activity below to find out more information. 




American Sign Language (ASL)




Acting- GRADES: K-3 ▪ CAPACITY: 20 ▪ COST: $300+$25 ▪ MONDAYS 2:00-2:45

From the company who has trained alum Morgan McMill from Loud House: So many young actors want to work in TV/Film these days, but getting started can be scary. This program is an introductory curriculum and will focus on acting and improvisational games.

American Sign Language (ASL) - GRADES: 1-3 ▪ CAPACITY: 15 ▪ COST: $75 ▪ MONDAYS 2:00-2:45

American Sign Language, or ASL, is used by over one million people in the United States today. Just like Spanish or French, ASL is an engaging and dynamic language that involves precise gesturing and dynamic facial expressions. In ASL Enrichment, we will learn basics such as colors and days of the week as well as how to introduce ourselves, talk about our day and learn several songs along the way. I would love to have your child join me in learning such an important and remarkable language.

Basketball - GRADES: K-3 ▪ CAPACITY: 24 ▪ COST: $315+$25 ▪ MONDAYS 2:00-2:45

A basketball program designed to give children an opportunity to begin their basketball playing experience in a fun and supportive environment. We will use age appropriate baskets, basketballs and training methods. Sessions will be run by NYO coaches with help from current players from the Oglethorpe University women’s basketball team. This program will run for 14 weeks and sessions will last 45 minutes each.






Coding Fun



Baseball - GRADES: K-3 ▪ CAPACITY: 15 ▪ COST: $210+$25 ▪ MONDAYS 2:00-2:45​

To become better at the game of baseball, athletes must understand the proper way to practice, not only in a group, but also on their own. The Futures Baseball program focuses on teaching kids how to participate and practice through the fundamentals of hitting and fielding. These skills are tested in activities including wall ball and other competitive games. This class is taught by former professional baseball player for the Chicago Cubs, C.J. Stewart.

Cheerleading - GRADES: K-3 ▪ CAPACITY: 14 ▪ COST: $350+BP Uniform+$25 ▪ MONDAYS 2:00-2:45​

Buckhead Prep cheerleaders will work on motions, jumps, basic stunt techniques, dance, cheers, chants, run outs, and basic tumbling. They will promote school spirit, be enthusiastic about our school and community, lead the class body in cheers and chants, be a leader for the students, and represent Buckhead Prep to the best of our ability. About the coach: Jennifer Donnelly has coached all ages of cheer from middle school to college age. She was a high school cheerleader/captain, a UCA staff member, a UCA Staff rookie of the year, a UCA all star team, a UCA jump champion, a UCA camp champion, and a UCA stunter of the year.

Coding Fun - GRADES: K-3 ▪ CAPACITY: 18 ▪ COST: $375+$25 ▪ MONDAYS 2:00-2:45

Students will learn beginner to intermediate computer programming concepts in a structured,
fun, and interactive way. They will use basic reasoning, problem-solving, and creative skills to
combine the programming concepts they have learned with media elements and create their
own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art.


Creative Writing

Afternoon Tea

Etiquette 101/102


Flag Football


Creative Writing - GRADES: 1-3 ▪ CAPACITY: 12 ▪ COST: $75 ▪ MONDAYS 2:00-2:45​

Let’s get ready to keep your hands warm by the most creative winter and spring writing activity after school! We will discuss how to write both fiction and non fiction stories about winter/ spring time. These stories will be created through personal experiences and fiction.

Etiquette 101/102 - GRADES: K-3 ▪ CAPACITY: 12/CLASS ▪ COST: $175+$25 ▪ MONDAYS 2:00-2:45

Our program will help build your child's self-confidence, self presentation, gratitude, introductions, table manners and dining skills and more.

Flag Football - GRADES: 1-3 ▪ CAPACITY: 12 ▪ COST: $280+$25 ▪ MONDAYS 2:00-2:45

Coaches lead students through station-based drills and games that develop the fundamental skills of passing, catching, running, and defending. Students participate in STEAM labs that allow them to explore academic concepts like gravity, compression, and aerodynamics through the game. There is a strict no-contact rule to maintain all player’s safety.

Educational Gardening



Girls Rock

Kids Racing



Gardening - GRADES: K-3 ▪ CAPACITY: 15 ▪ COST: $325+$25 ▪ MONDAYS 2:00-2:45

Kids get the training and knowledge of plants, flowers and trees. Training on how to pot them, take care of them and the importance on the environment. Each child will go home with 4 potted plants and/or flowers throughout the session.

Girls Rock - GRADES: K-3 ▪ CAPACITY: 12 ▪ COST: $75 ▪ MONDAYS 2:00-2:45

This after school activity is for K-3 girls who would like to develop strong leadership skills. Through stories, group discussions and other various activities, girls will learn to navigate relationships and obstacles she may encounter as she develops as a confident leader in her community.

Gymnastics - GRADES: K-3 ▪ CAPACITY: 20 ▪ COST: $300+$25 ▪ MONDAYS 2:00-2:45

Students will learn the sport of tennis through practicing various strokes and shots such as forehand, backhand, volleying, and serving.


Mixed Media Art (K-1/Grades 2-3)

Childrens Show

Musical Theater




Mixed Media (K-1 / Grades 2-3) - CAPACITY: 8 ▪ COST: $252+$25 ▪ MONDAYS 2:00-2:45​

Students will paint, draw, cut, and glue as we create unique works of art based around different
famous artists/artworks!

Musical Theater - GRADES: K-3 ▪ CAPACITY: 18 ▪ COST: $75 ▪ MONDAYS 2:00-2:45

Ms. Lucy is offering a musical experience for your children! This program will get the kids dancing and singing to fun songs from Broadway musicals such as The Lion King and Aladdin. We will be learning about what it means to be an ensemble member and build camaraderie among our friends. At the end of the ten weeks, we will put on a concert, showcasing all they have learned! I hope you will consider singing and dancing your hearts out with me!

Playball - GRADES: K-3 ▪ CAPACITY: 20 ▪ OST: $240.50 + $25 ▪ MONDAYS 2:00-2:45

PLAYBALL is a dynamic sport and movement program for children that uses the medium of PLAY to develop a child's social, emotional, cognitive and physical abilities. Children learn the fundamental skills needed for football, soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, hockey, bowling, golf, lacrosse, track and field, yoga and more. Children learn to jump, hop, skip, gallop, throw, bounce, kick, catch, and hit. An expert team of physical therapists, movement specialists and sports experts ensure the delivery of a holistic program that addresses the needs of the whole child. The benefits of Playball are endless, from stress reduction to good nutrition to school readiness. 


Robo Fun

Excited Children in Science Class

Science Lab


Sewing Fun


Robo Fun - GRADES: K-3 ▪ CAPACITY: 18 ▪ COST: $375+$25 ▪ MONDAYS 2:00-2:45

The Stemtree Engineering program uses the wonder and genius of robotics to inspire students and help them learn engineering and robotics. Students will apply their knowledge and skills of basic science, model construction, computer programming, and problem solving to explore these topics. This is both a perfect introduction to the world of robotics for younger students and an opportunity to expand the knowledge base of older students.

Science Lab - GRADES: K-3 ▪ CAPACITY: 15 ▪ COST: TBA ▪ MONDAYS 2:00-2:45

Is your child full of questions about how the world works? Then this program is just for them!
Join us as we explore nature like biologists, run experiments like chemists, observe the stars
like astronomers, measure our world like geologists, and understand the human body like

Sewing Fun - GRADES: K-3 ▪ CAPACITY: 12 ▪ COST: $350+$25 ▪ MONDAYS 2:00-2:45

Students will learn how to sew by both hand and machine while learning basic sewing. We will make items for home, apparel and play. Our projects include a pencil holder, pillows, stuffed animals and more. Students will learn straight stitching, hemming, and whip stitching


Spelling Club


Tae Kon Do

Playing Tennis



Spelling Club - GRADES: 1-3 ▪ CAPACITY: 12 ▪ COST: $75 ▪ MONDAYS 2:00-2:45

The Spelling Club contains fun activity ideas to help learn spelling. The themed weeks are a great way to practice weekly spellings that are sent home from school. Students will be able to improve their spelling, increase their vocabularies, and develop correct English usage.

Tae Kon Do - GRADES: K-3 ▪ CAPACITY: 20 ▪ COST: $70/mo+Uniform+$25 ▪ MONDAYS 2:00-2:45

Welcome to Peace Martial Arts. Students will learn how to do kicks, blocks, punches, stances, forms and exercise as part of a fun, discipline-centered curriculum. All of the classes we offer are conducted in a safe, controlled environment. Classes will be held here once a week. Our company is geared toward preparing children to become leaders. Our curriculum is designed to instill core values in students to learn: Perseverance, Indomitable Spirit, Modesty, Courtesy, Integrity, Self-Control, Discipline, Confidence and Respect.

Tennis - GRADES: K-3 ▪ CAPACITY: 20 ▪ COST: $300+$25 ▪ MONDAYS 2:00-2:45

Students will learn the sport of tennis through practicing various strokes and shots such as forehand, backhand, volleying, and serving.

Children Meditating

Yoga, Mindfulness & Agility


Yoga, Mindfulness & Agility - GRADES: K-3 ▪ CAPACITY: 15 ▪ COST: $300+$25 ▪ MONDAYS 2:00-2:45

Little Yogis will practice the discipline of yoga movement, mind and body awareness and finally end off with agility movement and training.